Organizing your 10 Days of Day and Night prayer

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Here are some GUIDELINES and SUGGESTIONS that will assist you in saturating your nation and the nations of the world in prayer as we cry out to God with millions for His glory to fill the whole earth and for the fulfillment of His promises.

Please take note that these are only suggestions and guidelines

How to use the Prayer Guide

This document is designed to help ANYONE mobilizing prayer for the ten days of continuous prayer.

You may be a pastor, or a prayer leader of a particular church, a

small prayer group leader or even a citywide servant who mobilizes

prayer among many churches.
You may be a full-time prayer mobilizer, or a missionary seeking to help local leaders, or perhaps a business leader trying to encourage more prayer in the workplace.

How to use the Prayer Guide

Practical Ideas for the 10 Days

During the ten days we aim to:

  • Establish 10-day 24-7 prayer watches in every nation, raising a canopy of prayer over the globe, involving the church of Jesus Christ in all nations for revealing the glory of the Lord in the earth (Habakkuk 2:14);
  • Pray for the restoration of the churches to be houses of prayer;
  • Pray for our lost neighbors and the unreached peoples of the world;
  • Pray for the transformation in our congregations, communities, towns/cities, country, continent, socially, economically, and politically

Some Suggestions for Prayer during the 10 days

  • Pray together daily as families, or any small group meeting in your home.
  • Leave church doors open for small gatherings or plan special prayer times.
  • Fast one or more or all of the 10 days.
  • Pray over the telephone or set up a conference call to pray.
  • Pre-dawn prayer meetings
  • Lunch hour prayer meetings
  • Ask ten churches to unite, each taking one day and do all 24 hours of their day.
  • Do 40 hours of not-stop prayer as a local church.

Practical Guidelines

Practical Guidelines for the 10 Days