The Bible and the Apostle’s Creed

These define the doctrinal foundation of our unity.

Worship and Prayer

We strive to do everything we do out of a heart of worship and for our counsel and instruction to come from prayer.


We use a consultative style of leadership that expresses respect for every people and our desire to include every part of the body of Christ.

Humility and Repentance

We embrace a lifestyle of repentance, agree with adversaries quickly, and confront pride and arrogance in the opposite spirit.

Servant Leadership

We lead by serving. It is intimidating to lead leaders, even presumptuous to take on that role. It puts everything in proper perspective when we commit to serve leaders.


We are committed to serve the vision with excellence. Quality is not a financial decision.


We are an expression of existing relationships and a growing network of people who recognize the value and significance of relationship. People are more important than the task.


We are committed to honest communication without falsehood or exaggeration. We submit to a clear line of accountability and open financial records.


We celebrate Christian diversity, seek inclusive leadership, and mourn the tragedy of any missing part of the Body of Christ.

Sacrificial Giving

The Global Day of Prayer is empowered by the

sacrificial giving of God’s people. Each locality relies on its own resources.